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  • There are dozens of IT services firms in Northeast Ohio that can fix a computer…

    But if you’re looking for someone you can completely TRUST to make your IT systems work — without excuses and without you having to manage them… we’re the only company you should contact.

Find Out How We Can Help:   440-891-0465

About ICNS, Inc.


Since 1987, ICNS has been the single source thousands of companies have chosen for their networking needs. Whether you have one facility near our Cleveland headquarters, or multiple locations across the nation, one call to ICNS will provide customized networking solutions for all of your needs. Guaranteed.


Our laser-focused expertise in networks and infrastructure means you can turn your entire project over to us… and relax. We handle as much or as little you want including: Network equipment procurement, Managed IT services, Phone systems, Wireless networks, Access control, and Cable installation & design.


We integrate everything, with virtually zero downtime, so you save time, money and aggravation. We can solve ALL of your network and infrastructure problems with the cutting-edge products and services your business needs. NO hassles, and NONE of the headaches that working with multi-vendor jobs typically entail.

Managed IT Services

From our state of the art Remote Service Center, we monitor and manage the key elements of your office computer systems. If we detect an issue, we’ll identify and fix it remotely before it becomes a costly problem. Our Managed IT program gives you peace of mind that your important data is monitored and secured, 24 hours a day… 7 days a week.

Cabling Infrastructure

Trust ICNS to provide the solid foundation your network needs. We specialize in designing and installing custom cabling systems and networks for offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, data centers… and more. We are your one-stop-shop for complete technology integration and wiring — building custom solutions from the ground up.

Wireless Networks

ICNS takes wireless to the next level with maximum speed, security and integration for all your systems and networks. We make sure you and your employees are connected and safe with the best equipment, configuration and installation. And we offer affordable maintenance and service plans to guarantee peak performance when you need it most.

IP Phone Systems

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with an IP phone system for your business. We can set up your new phone system to connect directly with your existing computer network — eliminating the need for traditional phone wiring and service. An IP phone system will allow you to leverage the speed and power of the internet to make voice or video calls, and send instant messages… from any physical location.

Office 365

Always up to date — wherever you access it. Office 365 automatically syncs email, calendars, and contact information across your devices, in real time. So it’s up to date, no matter what device is in your hand. Let us help simplify your digital life.

IT Consulting

ICNS consulting can save money by determining exactly what you need to accomplish your goals for today… and years down the road. Let us assemble the perfect plan for your specific project, and make sure all the moving pieces work together. We can handle everything from project management, to technology standards, to bid document design.

Peace of mind—the ICNS difference

While we design, install and maintain everything your network could possibly need, what we really provide you is peace of mind. Others in this industry typically only provide one or two services. But ICNS makes your job easier by being your one-stop technology and IT resource.

We make sure your business runs at maximum efficiency by integrating and supporting everything we sell, including:

  • Network equipment
  • IP Phone systems
  • Cabling design, installation, and maintenance
  • Wireless networks
  • Physical security

ICNS is your best resource for network cabling, IT support, and technology consulting