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Case Studies

Hathaway Brown School


Hathaway Brown started a 1-to-1 program, providing every student with an Apple iPad to enhance learning in their early childhood, primary and middle schools. In addition, Hathaway Brown implemented a BYOD program, enabling faculty and staff to utilize their personal smart phones, tablets and laptops. These eLearning initiatives made the WLAN’s reliability, security, and scalability absolutely critical but the influx of mobile devices was overwhelming the existing network. The network needed to be upgraded to support dramatically more mobile devices in each classroom, needed to be easily deployed and managed to have consistent experience for every student, and the network needed to include enhanced support for the school’s devices of choice – Apple iPads.

ICNS Solution

ICNS worked closely with Hathaway Brown to evaluate several networking vendors including Juniper, Enterasys, Aruba and Cisco before selecting Aerohive. Ultimately, ICNS chose Aerohive for its strong feature set and cost-effective, controllerless WIFI solution. Hathaway Brown is currently utilizing Aerohive’s cloud-based HiveManager Online network management system, AP121s, AP330s and Bonjour Gateway.

  • Aerohive’s HiveManager Online provides Hathaway Brown with the ability to centrally manage the network, gain visibility and easily access the system from any Internet connected device.
  • Hathaway Brown’s BYOD users can now simply connect with their domain credentials, eliminating shared passwords and improving overall security, and work without any delays or issues.

Aloft Hotel, Cleveland


ICNS was originally hired solely as a technology consultant for the electrical contractor on the Aloft Hotel project. After an initial meeting with local Aloft management, it became clear that they were completely overwhelmed by the specific technology requirements mandated by the hotel’s parent company. After putting together a detailed assessment of the project needs and all of the moving pieces, Aloft hired ICNS to oversee technology integration for the entire facility.

ICNS Solution

ICNS worked with the management for the Aloft Downtown Cleveland Hotel to ensure the brand standards were exceeded for the parent company. Coordination was maintained with the hotel brand, local management, construction management, owner’s representation & various vendors contracted by the owners for the completion of the technology within the hotel.

ICNS assisted with the design, procurement & implementation of following technologies on the property:

  • Wireless Networks: Corporate and Guest
  • Network Infrastructure: Hardware & Software
  • Cabling Infrastructure/Fiber Optic Infrastructure
  • CATV & Video Distribution: In-Room Entertainment
  • Incoming Services/Circuits
  • Property Management System
  • Business Center
  • RFID Guest Room Locks
  • Radio Communications
  • Phone Systems: Guest Room Phones, Public Area & Corporate
  • Public Area Video Displays
  • Point of Sale Systems

Tall Ships


ICNS got an urgent call that the Tall Ships would be coming to Cleveland over the 4th of July weekend, and they still needed a solution for wireless communication at the festival site. With only one week to implement the required technology, ICNS accepted the challenge. It was imperative that the WIFI network support iPads, smart phones, vendor’s credit card terminals and the devices that the crew on each of the ships would bring.

ICNS Solution

Relying on its premier partners, Verizon Wireless and Aerohive, ICNS put together a comprehensive plan that would give the Tall Ships festival the service it needed. They selected a Verizon 4G router to establish a reliable Internet connection. From there, ICNS used the Aerohive HiveManager to plot the potential locations and signal strength. Because Aerohive Wireless does not require a controller to be in place for the system, ICNS used the web-based HiveManager software to quickly set up the wireless network. The festival organizers remarked about how they have never seen an installation go up so quickly and without a single hiccup.

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