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IT Questions and Support

My business is moving into a new building and I don’t know what technology we need or where to start. Can you help?

Absolutely. With our IT Consulting Service, we will work with you to determine what technology your business needs in its new space. We can help integrate and configure all of your systems so they work together seamlessly, including: wireless network, access control, IP phone system, network infrastructure and electronic hardware. And once you move into your office, we can monitor your servers and computers  remotely with our Managed IT Services.

Isn’t Managed IT service expensive?

Managed IT is a very affordable solution for small to medium-sized businesses. You are charged a flat-rate fee to monitor each device (computers and servers), and the cost remains the same throughout the duration of your contract. This pricing model eliminates surprises and allows you to more accurately budget for IT support on a monthly basis.

I have certain areas of our building that require restricted access. Is there a cost-effective solution?

Yes. We support a wide range of access control systems, with features and price points for every budget. Whether you need a complex system or a stand-alone device, we have all the products to meet your needs, including: RF controls, card readers, keypads, and electric, biometric and magnetic locks.

We have a large, remote sales staff and we want them to be able to communicate with clients like they are in the office. Is that possible?

Definitely. An IP Phone System is the perfect solution for your sales team. Allworx’ REACH software keeps all of your calls “in-house” — even when your sales staff is miles away. You can easily bring the functionality of your Allworx phone system to any connected iOS or Android device. The device can be set to ring based on your call routes and settings, so it can ring independently, simultaneously with a desk phone, or in any order you choose!

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