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IT Consulting

Trust our IT consulting team to determine your technology needs and recommend cost-effective solutions

IT Consulting Service

Before you spend one dime on your network, your first call should be to an ICNS consultant.

Why? Because chances are a consultation with ICNS can save you time and money on any networking project. Many of our clients think they need much more than they actually do. Others think they can get away “cheap” and are setting themselves up for a much more costly re-do in a year or two. And others have no idea what they need.

ICNS consulting can save money by determining exactly what you need to accomplish your goals for today… and years down the road. Some of our consulting services include:

Project Management

ICNS can help make your job easier even if you choose to use your own vendor on an infrastructure installation. We will manage the project and work hand-in-hand with other consulting and A/E firms to ensure your vendor completes the job according to your expectations and our high standards.

Bid Document Design

If you aren’t exactly sure what you need or where to start, and would like to solicit bids for solutions to your network needs, ICNS can custom design a bid document for you. In addition, we can manage the entire process from reviewing and receiving bids to making recommendations on which contractor to select.

Evaluation, Analysis and Documentation of Standards

Most large companies have a set of corporate network standards that are often incomplete, inaccurate or not up to current technological standards. ICNS can review and audit existing documentation. Then we can create a current, accurate, comprehensive set of documents that meet those standards.

Technology Assessment of Current Infrastructure and/or Network Designs

Before you even think about any new software or hardware upgrade, this service can save you tons of time and money. We help you determine your needs today… expected needs tomorrow… and ensure your upgrade includes exactly what your network requires.

RCDD Services

If your bid processes require that an independent professional review the installation, look no further than ICNS. Our consultants are RCDD-certified and can be contracted out specifically for this purpose.

Want to get started? … Need something else? … Unsure of where to start? … Looking for answers? Our consultants are happy to help, and just a FREE phone call away: 440-891-0465.

ICNS is your best resource for network cabling, IT support, and technology consulting