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Managed IT Services

Are hidden IT problems costing your business time and money?

Managed Services, Remote IT

Unless you have the time, expertise and manpower to continuously monitor your IT system, chances are it’s not functioning at its peak. That means your IT system is actually costing you money in the form of wasted time, service calls and lost productivity. System down-time can devastate your business with LOST sales … LOST profits … LOST reputation … and ultimately even LOST customers that you’ve worked so hard to acquire.

Here’s the bottom line: If you aren’t actively monitoring your entire IT system… you’re sitting on a ticking time bomb.

The good news is that most IT problems are 100% preventable. The key is to identify potential problems ahead of time — when they are small and relatively easy to fix. And that requires constant surveillance and updating of your system, by highly skilled technicians, with sophisticated equipment. Fortunately, there’s a simple, affordable solution that provides all that… and more: ICNS Managed Services.

Think of us as your in-house, invisible, round-the-clock, IT management team

ICNS specializes in helping businesses like yours. We take care of everything so you can focus on your business instead of IT issues. And we keep things affordable.

There’s no hardware to buy or maintain. We can install our sophisticated monitoring software in just 10 minutes — without ever having to physically enter your facility. If we ever detect a problem, we’ll immediately alert you by email, SMS or dashboard. We’ll identify the exact issue… and we’ll fix it FAST… before it becomes a costly problem.

From our state-of-the-art Remote Service Center, we monitor and manage your computer system with our premium suite of products, including:

  • Antivirus
  • Mail Protect & Email Archive
  • Web Protection
  • Managed Backup

Find out how easy and affordable it is to guard the lifeblood of your business. Call 440-891-0465 or complete our online form today, and discover how having ICNS manage your IT system can not only save you money… it can give you peace of mind, and help your business grow.

Download our PDF brochure.

ICNS is your best resource for network cabling, IT support, and technology consulting


"ICNS provides all Telephone as well as Ethernet devices and cabling installations to support Voice/Data Communications, Process Control and RFID for our 130,000 SQFT manufacturing facility in Medina, OH. I find their Workmanship, Project Management and Customer Care to be reasonably priced, of good quality and delivered on time. I anticipate a long mutually beneficial relationship with ICNS and wish them success in all their endeavors."

"Forest City contacted ICNS for assistance with a cabling issue at a remote property. It was a Friday evening, shortly after 5:00pm EST and the property with troubles was located in California, several time zones away. There was a severe issue with the T1 data circuit that the business depended on completely. Forest City called ICNS and provided them with the details of the situation and they were able to provide a technician on-site within the hour. Once on-site, the technicians were able to specifically identify the problem. The speedy response from ICNS was impressive and appreciated. It is reassuring to know that we (Forest City) can depend on ICNS for consistently great service, especially in times of emergencies."

"The Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations court has enjoyed a very successful working relationship with ICNS since 1998. We contracted with this company to install Cat5 cabling throughout this old building prior to our installation of a new computer system. The company worked quietly and without incident during court hours and when necessary, worked after normal business hours to complete the project. We have used ICNS and continue to utilize their services to the present time. I hope our court can continue this working relationship with this company."

"Just wanted to send you guys a "Thank you" note for applying confirmation during our migration for site 288 - Alabama Plant 21. It really was appreciated and offered your continued support for this difficult program."

"ICNS has been the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library's data line installer of choice for more years than I can count. Most recently, they performed all cabling for both data and telephones throughout the $15 million renovation of our Main Library. This work included cat 5 and fiber wiring as well as the installation of all patch panels and racks on three floors of two buildings. During the many months of this complex project, we found all ICNS' employees to be professional, knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with. Their work came in on estimate and, at the last minute, when we needed additional work done very quickly, they performed it exactly to our specifications and at a reasonable price, despite the overtime. I give my unqualified recommendation of ICNS to any organization needing data line and telecommunications equipment installation."

"I just wanted to let you know we are extremely pleased with the work and the services that ICNS recently performed for ASC. The cabling job and the move of the access control system, the door audio/visual system, and our IP cameras were done exactly to our requirements. When there were questions, we were always asked to make sure the work was being done correctly and how we wanted it. ICNS made our move so incredible easy. I wish all the vendors we work with were as reliable, diligent, and did the same quality of work as we received from ICNS. I recommend your company to everyone I can."